Friday, November 2, 2018

Historical Cause of Death Stats for NS and ON

I recently received this from a faculty member:

"I am looking for aggregated cause of death statistics for Nova Scotia 

and Ontario. I am interested in the number of homicides (each year) for 
both Nova Scotia and Ontario, which is recorded as a type of cause of 
death (among other causes). I am trying to collect the data on an annual 
basis for every available year (i.e. likely sometime in the early 1900s 
until the most recent year available).

For Nova Scotia, I was given data collected by a local historian for 
1749-1908. I was told by him that the data should be available beginning 
in 1909. I have found the following site, which suggests that data are 
available for select Canadian provinces beginning in 1920 
However, I don’t know how/where to access these data, and I still 
require data from 1909-1919.

Although my current focus is Nova Scotia, I will eventually also collect 
the same data for Ontario."

Would an extracts from the Vital Statistics - Death database he refers 
to be a custom tab? if so, could you give me the necessary contact 
information so that he can negotiate the order? 

Here is the response we've received from subject matter:

"I can say for certain we don't have anything in our databases that go back that far. I'm attaching a PDF [] that has a table on homicide charges and dispositions (not incidents that way we count them nowadays), though I don't know if it will be of much utility since the counts don't break down by Province. That said, if the DLI could use with Canada level data, please consult page 33 of this document."