Friday, April 21, 2006

ISSP and Eurobarometers now on the web

This just came over the wire today. The ZArchive in Cologne has put up their Eurobarometers and the International Social
Survey Project files in Nesstar. The URL is

You have to register at to get access to the data.

This is very good news for those of us who plan to go this route--the UK Data Archive (who also uses Nesstar) and ZA are among the largest data archives in the world and being able to share their metadata is a great step forward.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Survey of Financial Security


Need access to electronic documentation for the 1984 survey of financial security as well as the SPSS command file for the 1999 survey of financial security.


For 1984 electronic documentation, there is a link to scanned codebooks - unnecessarily large, but available here.

For the 1999 SPSS command file, see this file.

Both are from the University of Toronto

Changes and additions to DLI

New announcements:

1) Licensing Portal has been updated!

The Licensing Portal has been updated with 16 new examples:
(click on left-hand side menu "Decisions on past licensing questions")

The patterns used to assess the licensing questions are:
a) Is the user authorised?
b) Is the proposed use within the licence?
c) Will funding be received for this project?

2) Aboriginal Peoples Survey - Errata

Notice to users of the Arctic analytical file, 2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS)

Please be aware of a textual error in the data dictionary (English) for the following variables:

I02L30_H - the description should read

"During the year ending December 31st, 2000, did any household member have a paid part-time job (less than 30 hours a week), not including self-employment?"

I02L30_P - the description should read

"During the year ending December 31st, 2000, did.......have a paid part-time job (less than 30 hours a week), not including self-employment?"

3) Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) available on the web!

The SLID was announced as being available on the FTP as of March 1, 2006. This is a follow-up message to inform you that the web pages are available on the web site at

4) New Product - Census 1971 and 1981 files and documentation received!

Now available on the FTP, 1971 and 1981 Census files and documentation:

FTP: /census/1971/bst71/Record_Layout/ea/a2ecn002.pdf

FTP: /census/1981/bst81/Record_layout/csd


FTP: /census/1981/bst81/Record_layout/ea


FTP: /census/1981/bst81/Record_layout/fd/fdp81a10_rcl.pdf

5) New Product - Projections of the Aboriginal Populations Canada, provinces and Territories (2001 - 2017)

The Aboriginal population could account for roughly 4.1% of Canada's population by 2017 when the nation celebrates its 150th anniversary, according to new population projections. This report is the result of a project initiated in 2004 by the Multiculturalism and Human Rights Program at the Department of Canadian Heritage.

FTP: /dli/aps/Projections-2001-2017

6) New Product - Postal Code Counts 1996

FTP: /dli/census/1996/pcc-ccp

7) New Product - Canadian Business Patterns IVT data 1988-1996

FTP: /dli/cbp/1988-1996-ivt-data

8) New Product - Residential Telephone Service Survey - December 2005

FTP: /dli/rtss/2005/12

Thursday, April 6, 2006

DA population counts for South Vancouver Island


A student is wanting population counts that he can join to a 2001 arcinfo file for British Columbia (gda_059b02a_e.exe). We loaded this file into ArcView but this file does not appear to have population counts included as attribute data.

I am remembering from our 2005 ACCOLEDS workshop that we did some data joining exercises. But I do not know how to find the 2001 Census file that has population data at the DA level that can be joined to gda_059b02a_e.exe

The student is interested specifically in the population counts for the DA's on South Vancouver Island, but he needs this data in a
format that he can use with ArcView.


1. The file is on the DLI ftp site in

For DA level, you want file

2. Do you have access to the Canadian Census Analyser through CHASS? The data is available there at the DA level. The DA code will be included with the data and you can ask for the CD code as well. The student will need to clean the data to merge the CD and DA code in the right order. Just reverse them in Excel, add a column in the middle, and then open the file in WordPad to do a search and replace for the double commas to get rid of them (which merges the columns).

Tuesday, April 4, 2006



I have had a request for the Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB), and the Landed Immigrant Data system (LIDS); beyond some messages in the archives dating back to 2000, plus the product page in the online catalogue, I can find nothing else about the
IMDB, and nothing at all about LIDS. Can anyone enlighten me? A MSW student here is enquiring about access.


1. The IMDB/LIDS data are not in the DLI access silo, but in the CERIS access silo. Your user will need to become a CERIS accredited researcher in order to use them:

2. IMDB is controlled by a group including provincal/federal gov't depts and various researchers. It was proposed for access by DLI but this was opposed by SOME of the provincial reps. I am not sure why. It may have to do with 'who pays' (it is a cost recovery project) or they may be concerned about other things. At one time we thought that a lobbying effort by the DLI institiutions might sway their thinking but I am not sure about it these days.

GINI coefficients


A faculty member here is wondering whether GINI coefficients are released below the provincial level - specifically, to the Census Tract level.


The GINI coefficients are not available at a lower level of geography.