Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Data on Approval Ratings of Federal and Provincial Governments

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a Statistics Canada question, but hoping someone can help anyway…

A political science graduate student is looking for data on approval ratings of federal and provincial governments over time, hopefully going back to the 1970’s. I’ve found some sources for Federal ratings (this CORA page is good, and ODESI now has plenty of polls to use to supplement that) but am drawing a blank on provincial data. Searching newspaper archives gives us occasional scattered data points, but I don’t see any straightforward way to build any sort of reliable time series.


Perhaps this will save some digging (no promises though). These annual reviews always provide a synopsis of provincial elections, whether any of them consistently, or if ever, bring in polling data is a question.

Available via ScholarsPortal e.g., 1972: https://books.scholarsportal.info/en/read?id=/ebooks/ebooks0/gibson_crkn/2009-12-01/7/419356#page=1

From page 200 of the 1972 review:

Answer from Subject Matter:I’ve sent an email to the subject matter area responsible for the Social Identity survey and it asks the following question:
CII_Q40: How much confidence do you have in Federal Parliament?

Outside of this however there is nothing for “approval ratings”.