Friday, October 22, 2004

Canadian Civil Aviation


A faculty member is looking for data from the Canadian Civil Aviation - Annual Report, which is described here:

This survey does not seem to be available through the DLI. I have also searched the DLI List archives and found no mention of it. There is a publication available for download but this does not meet his needs because he is looking for actual data.

Could someone please confirm whether or not this is available through the DLI, or whether it will be available at some point in the future? And if not, how the professor can get his hands on it?


There is no microdata available for this survey. Your researcher will have to make a request for custom table.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Weight Variables in Old Census Files


For the 1986 Census PUMF - Family and Individual files AND 1981 Census PUMF - Individual file, there are no weight variables. Should these be here? Where can I go to get them?


In the 1986 documentation we found the following explanation. It turns out the '81 and '86 provides weights that are to be used for population estimates rather than to correct for sampling methodology. Unfortunately, the author division did not include a weight variable in the file so you must include it yourself.

For example, in SPSS you would include the following comand:
compute weightp=50.


Within each stratum, the sample was systematically selected with a random start and probability proportional to the first stage weight. Sample sizes within strata were determined such that each individual selected represented fifty individuals in the target population. Special procedures, described below, were required for temporary residents and overlap with other microdata files.