Thursday, May 18, 2006

Survey of Earned Doctorates


A faculty member at Malaspina would like to use microdata from the Survey of Earned Doctorates (number 3126). Is there any chance of getting these data through the DLI?


The survey did not produce a PUMF for this file, the sample size was too small. The division suggests using the RDC if someone wants to use the file.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Statistics Canada Table Viewer


Does anyone happen to know of any other product on the Statistics Canada website, besides the Consumer Price Index, that uses the CALS Table Viewer as an alternative method of displaying data?


The Tier 1 advisory services tool also uses the CALS table viewer. The remaining dynamic publications also use the CALS table viewer. We are in the process of converting the dynamic publications over to smart publishing but there are still a number of them that use the viewer. There are only about a dozen or so publications still using it and this number will drop dramatically as soon as we release the bulletin publications in Smart Publishing. We have also started to convert CPI.

Due to the technical difficulties of maintaining the viewer our technical team has stopped using it for public consumption with all smart publications. It will continue to be used internally to program tables with Laurence or with any dynamic publications until they are converted.

Friday, May 5, 2006

1991 EA numbers


A student here needs to identify some enumeration areas for the 1991 census. It's tricky because it involves an island with several unincorporated places, and we don't have a map for this area for 1991.

The SGC will be 59024--- with three digits for each EA.

The place is Salt Spring Island, part of Capital Regional District Subd. A. Subdivision A includes other nearby islands as well, so the researcher can't use it. Is it possible to find the EA numbers for Salt Spring Island on a 1991 map in your library in Ottawa?



Thursday, May 4, 2006

Canadian Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participation 2004


In January, someone inquired about the release dates for this survey and the CSGVP North survey. At that time the response was that the data was scheduled to be released sometime in 2006.

I have a student who is also waiting for the data from these surveys. We were wondering if the release dates have been set yet? - or if you have any updated information.


The division is hoping to release the CSGVP PUMF in December 2006. The June 2006 release was for the main data - the PUMF is still in the works.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Mobility Data


There are two desired data sets, which ideally would be available for both the Hamilton CMA and the Halifax CMA (although Halifax is the most important):

1. Residential Mobility: Tabulations at the CT level of households moving between CT's, moving within CT's, moving into a CT from outside the CMA, moving from a CT to outside the CMA, new households created from within the CMA moving to one of its CT's. This data should be over a 1 to 5 year time period, and additional time periods would be helpful.

If possible, microdata of the type described above is desired as well.

2. Work Trips: Tabulations disaggregated by mode, of average business-day work trips at the CT level. (How many trips are made between each CT, within each CT and to destinations outside of the CMA).

Again, if possible, microdata of the type described above is desired as well.


You have the option of using the Cumulative Profile CD cat# 95F0296XCB that gives a profile for all levels of geography including CMA/CA/CTs (for census tracted CAs). The profile gives basic mobility status for both Mob1 and Mob5 and it also give Place of work status. I have included a sample file of this profile in Beyond 2020. There are other tables that include industry and work activity by place of work status for CMA/CA/CTs:

As for Commuting Flows tables CMA/CA/CTs:

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Visible Disabilities


A student here needs some data, (incl. demographic information) on visible disability in Canada and in Toronto. The sources
available to me seem only to go down to the province level, although a print publication from the 1991 PALS has some information for selected CMAs. Are there any solutions that won't require either a custom tab or a visit to an RDC?


Unfortunately the PALS 2001 sample design doesn't get at the CMA level. All our publications are at the provincial level.