Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Postsecondary Student Information System - Information on Early Childhood Education

Background: I have had a request for The Postsecondary Student Information (PSIS).

Question: Does the Postsecondary Student Information system (PSIS) include National data on ECE (Early Childhood Education) programs and student numbers in such programs?

 I have found information relating to Early childhood educators and assistants in  Statistics Canada Data Table 37-10-0128-01 Number and percentage distribution of certificates granted by registered apprentices in apprenticeship program by major trade group and sex for Early childhood educators and assistants. However, the data in only available Ontario. The source of this data was the Registered Apprenticeship information System. See  Table  37-10-0118-01   Number and percentage distribution of apprenticeship program registrations by major trade group and sex

As a result, I ‘m starting to question if the PSIS even includes ECE data.

The access issue relates to a problem that I encountered trying to access the PSIS via WDS https://dli-idd.statcan.gc.ca/wds/ReportFolders/ReportFolders.aspx?IF_ActivePath=P,17351,20239&IF_Language=eng

When I clicked on the above link which I found on https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/dli/dli-products it generated [an] error message.

I will follow up with subject matter regarding the ECE numbers in the PSIS data, however, in regards to the link through the WDS – unfortunately the Education Division had asked us a few months ago to remove all of the PSIS information off of the WDS due to some inaccuracies in the data. This would account for your access issues.

Here is the response from subject matter:

"PSIS data covers all college and university programs and, therefore, would include any program that could result in college or university credentials that would include ECE material.  For example, Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) 13.1210 covers "Early childhood education and teaching" and cites Bachelor and Masters degrees as potential credentials associated with it.  CIP is one of the key variables included in PSIS.  (Unfortunately, the CIP-6 (digit) variable is assigned to a program based on the institutions program description and, therefore, may not be as accurately tied the CIP-6 value as researchers might expect.  Also, CIP-6 enrolment and graduate numbers are often very small at the individual institution level, resulting in inadequate data for detailed analysis.  In general, we highly recommend that researcher use CIP-2 or CIP-4 values instead.)"

The PSIS file can be found in the EFT at /MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/other_autres/5017_PSIS_SIEP/data

Follow Up Question:
The PSIS on the ETF doesn't appear to have any information on Early Childhood Education CIP Classification 13.1210 (more specifically CIP 13.1015 ECE). I have identified  Table: 37-10-0012-01 (formerly CANSIM 477-0030) as potential source of the data source. When I tried to customized the table using the Add/Remove data tab and narrow the results by credential type, i.e.,  Certificate and Diploma I do get a number, however, many institutions are offering degree programs in ECE.  Once I included degree program I get all type of education degree programs, not just the ECE programs. 

Would it require a custom tab to identify only the ECE  programs (certificate, diploma and degree). Am I missing a data source that provides this information?


Subject matter has confirmed that there would unfortunately be a cost associated with identifying only the ECE programs (ie custom tab), at a minimum of $150.