Friday, November 9, 2018

CCHS-2018 -- Question about modules selected by particular provinces

A researcher has asked a question about the CCHS-2018. Apparently there are modules in this survey from which provinces can choose to opt out. She would like to know if there is a way to determine which provinces are and are not participating in these optional modules. Is there a way to find out? Perhaps this question might be one for an RDC analyst instead of the DLI program?

Subject matter has responded with the following:

 “The RDC webpage has been updated to provide more information to researchers about the 2015 CCHS Redesign and the impact of comparability between past cycle since the Redesign.

 We have also add a section about the Content differences over cycles (

Researchers should be aware that optional modules are not available for each CCHS cycle and are only selected by some provinces and territories. To obtain a copy of the provincial and territorial selection of the Canadian Community Health Survey – Annual Component, contact Client Services (613-951-1746 or

You will find attached the CCHS Content Selection_ESCC sélection du contenu 2000-2018 that can be provided to the researcher.”