Wednesday, December 6, 2017

GSS Variable Question

I have a researcher using the GSS and is interested in using LUC_RST as the unit of analysis, aggregating responses to calculate percent change across two waves of the survey.  According to the code book, LUC_RST is a derived variable from PRV (province) and something called GEO_SAC_Type which isn't referenced any where else. Could GEO_SAC_Type be linked to the census or some other conventional administrative unit? 

I would expect that it is related to the Statistical Area Classification?

LUC_RST is referenced in - based on that, it would appear to be reasonable to think that it’s using SAC.

However, the statcan division would be able to tell you for sure, while I can only guess ….

Boundaries for Indigenous

At a presentation, Vivian O’Donnell mentioned boundary files for indigenous land claim boundary regions (Inuit Nunangat), and indicated that this was a standard geography for disseminating information to those communities.

Would it be possible to obtain those boundary files for dissemination through DLI (or on the census page itself)?

Are any data sets or tables available for dissemination at this level as well through DLI? In a report I found tables with this geography (e.g.,, but am curious if there are more.

I know that in the past the aboriginal population profiles have had data by Inuit region, Indian band area, & Metis settlement (e.g. 

I also see there's a boundary file on the open data portal for Aboriginal Lands of Canada, which includes Indian Reserves, Land Claim Settlement Lands, and Indian Lands: 

Not sure if these correspond exactly though; they come from different federal agencies.