Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Company E-commerce Data

Can anyone suggest where a student might find information about WalMart CANADA ecommerce  and retail data.  Is it possible to know which company in Canada is first in ecommerce?  I know Stats Can does provide company names.  Google searches come up with Statista which looks pretty good but we don't subscribe.  Any or all ideas are welcome.

Here is the response from subject matter:

“Due to confidentiality, we cannot comment on specific companies.
That said, we do have a Partial list of Retail Chain Stores from our website and in relation to our Annual Retail Trade Survey table 20-10-0066-01.
He may also want to have a look at our tables on e-commerce 20-10-0065-01 (Annual) and 20-10-0072-01 (Monthly), maybe could be of use to him.
Also, from our website, you can suggest that he does a search by keyword(s) ‘’Annual Retail’’, ‘’Monthly Retail’’ and a lot more tables will show up.”