Friday, November 2, 2018

Location of Work Question + Journey to Work Question

One of our researchers would like the number of jobs (including for workers who work at home) by census tract by location of work for all of Canada. They were told that they might be able to get this through the DLI. Because the researcher needs the location of work and not the location of the residence of the worker, the publicly available census data is no help.

I remember that a subject matter division shared a spreadsheet containing jobs by NAICS for DAs with us (and we were all very happy and grateful). But I can't seem to find a count of jobs by census tract by location of work. Am I missing something?

The same researcher would also love to have a table of distance from work to home by Census Tract, with extra bonus points if the "mode of commuting" variable is in there. Essentially, something like the default view of this data table (with no need for the "commuting duration", "time leaving for work", "age", or "sex" variables), but by CT instead of by CMA.

I don't suppose there's a table out there that I've missed that the researcher could use? The "Distance from home to work" variable isn't available in the census profiles.

Answer from DLI List:
Looks like there are some Census, Place of Work custom tabs available through the Map and Data Library, UofT:

Not sure if that covers what you need though.

And, in ODESI there are commuting flows for 2006 CTs here:

Recently, I think someone in the community asked about this data for 2016 because it was heavily written about in the media. It would be great to get a hold of the custom data if it exists or could be made.

Answer from Subject Matter:
I’ve spoken with subject matter and unfortunately information at the CT level is not publicly available (in standard products) for many variables, including journey to work given its precision. Because of this, the information will only be obtainable through a custom tabulation.