Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Canadian Community Health Survey & Census


A researcher is planning to analyze variables from CCHS and socio-economic indicators avaliable from Census data at the community level (looking at rural urban differences). As per the documentation on CCHS- PUMF, the public use file has a variable named GEOEDPMF (Grouped -Health Region) is derived from GEOEDHRA (Health Region) futher derived from Dissemination Area and Postal code (all three available in master data file). If the patron is planning to use CCHS PUMF, is there a way to go to DA level or postal code level without going through RDC (master data file) or there is any other way of looking at the community level parameters in CCHS and distinguish rural and urban areas.


The only ways of which I know that the CCHS PUMF can be linked to census results are

(i) the Census Profiles by health regions (see
and (ii) use of the peer grouping information on health regions (see
The peer groupings differentiate health regions on some basic characteristics, including urban-rural mix (see

Monday, July 9, 2007

Inter-Corporate Ownership Access


Is the ICO a DSP product that can be made available to the public? It is still showing up on the StatCan website as a DLI product.


Yes, the fourth quarter (December) issue of the Inter-corporate Ownership CD-ROM is a DSP product, even if this is not currently indicated in the ICO record in the STC Online Catalogue of Products and Services.

The information in the May 14 2002 DLI List posts about the ICO is still accurate. Technically, only the fourth quarter issue is a DSP product while the issues for all four quarters are available through the DLI. However, as stated in the May 14 2002 DLI List posts, you can allow the public to consult the issues for all four quarters.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Quarterly GDP by Province


A researcher is looking for quarterly (or monthly) expenditure-based provincial GDP data in constant prices. However CANSIM has this quarterly data only for the country as table 384-0002 OR as annual data for the provinces in table 380-0002. Does anyone know of any sources for this quarterly provincial data that they could direct me to?


The author division has confirmed that they only produce annual data for provincial GDP.