Monday, November 19, 2018

Information on Factory Openings

I have a researcher that regularly uses the NPRI database, but the database doesn’t have information about when a factory opened, only the date for when they were registered in the database (can’t assume this is the opening date – a given factory could have only reached pollutant thresholds for registration after x number of years of operating, for example). He’s interested in when a number of factories in Ontario were opened, and was curious if there was a product or database that would provide this information. Any ideas where this info might be in one place?

Here is the response from subject matter:

“The Business Register would have a birth date for every business location on our database however this is not data that we would normally be able to share and would require a discretionary order to proceed. It would be available at a fee to federal government divisions who are using this information for research and analysis purposes. If the client does meet these requirements, we can reached at our mailbox: BRD-Information / DRE-Information (STATCAN) for further information.”