Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Annual Return of Health Care Facilities—Hospitals

I’m looking for historical information regarding hospital staffing/expenditures by province and the Annual Return of Health Care Facilities—Hospitals seems to fit the bill. This survey was run by Statistics Canada from 1932 to the mid 1990s when CIHI took over but I can’t find it. I see only the summary stub here:

Any ideas as to where I can access the historical data (which CIHI doesn’t have) or if there’s anything else that might fit the bill?

It appears this may be a print publication. Publications Canada only has one digitized although they have several iterations of the instructions available.


Does Statistics Canada have the print run of this available—hopefully in electronic format? Was this part of the StatsCan Library collection that was digitized?

The Library has been able to provide us with the following:

PDFs of Annual return of hospitals, hospital indicators (82-233) from 1976-1983 can be found here:

Regarding Annual Return of Health Care Facilities, I could only find Selected tables from annual return of special care facilities within our catalogue. The digitized versions are available here:

However, an earlier version of this publication is Mental health statistics. Volume III, Institutional facilities, services and finances:

Later publications (into the 1990s), under the name Residential care facilities can be found here:

In the catalogue records for these publications, “Continued by” and “Continues” can be useful in determining how the publications have changed names over time. Also, there is not always a direct link in the StatCan Library catalogue to the PDF, so it is worth it to search for the digital version.