Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fertility Rates by Province 1965-2015

I have had a researcher asking for annual fertility rate by province from 1965-2015. They have fertility rates from 2000-2015 from Table 13-10-0418-01. We also have number of births by province in Table 17-10-0008-01 going back to 1971. We can find national fertility rates in the OECD numbers going back to 1970, but they need provincial.

I think historical data is likely available in print documents and we are able to get fertility rates from 1986-1996 in the Vital Statistics Compendium. I am emailing to ask if I am missing anything. Is there one source where I can get provincial fertility rates going back to 1965 or will we need to use multiple sources including print to get these numbers. Any recommendations are welcome.

Subject Matter sent an excel file containing some the requested information.