Thursday, December 16, 2004

Labour Force Survey RDC Access


Does anyone know whether the LFS would be eligible for RDC access? Also - in our DLI files we have CMAs of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver - is it safe to say that in the Master Files - all CMAs would be available?


The LFS is available on a special needs basis. Researchers interested in using the LFS microdata are advised that the LFS databases are complex and that support is generally required from the Labour Statistics Division to use these files. Therefore,
researchers with project proposals that require access to LFS microdata are requested to submit their application for access and proposal directly to the Labour Statistics Division of Statistics Canada.

As for the second question, all CMAs are available on the master file.

Provincial Trade Data


A student is looking for provincial trade statistics by commodity and total commodity for the period 1980-2000. We can only seem to find recent CANSIM information rather than older.


I think you need the print publication 'Interprovincial trade in Canada' (15-546-XPE). We have 2 volumes: 1984-1996 and 1992-1998. I am not sure whether or not there are earlier tables.

The CANSIM tables on interprovincial trade seem to only go back to 1992.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Same Sex Couples


A student at UBC would like to identify neighbourhoods in CMAs where the greatest concentrations of same-sex couples live. Neither she nor I can find any tables identifying same-sex couples at a level smaller than CSD. Can you confirm that this is correct? I went pretty carefully through the subset listings (407 occurrences of the term!) but could not find anything at a sub-CSD level, such as census tract.

I would appreciate either a confirmation that there are no such tables, or an indication where such information can be found.


Here's the answer from Census:
"the only standard product that contain data for same-sex couples is Presence of Other Household Members (5) and Sex (3) for Same-sex Common-law Partners in Private Households, for Canada, Provinces and Territories, 2001 Census - 20% Sample Data (97F0005XCB01040) --

It is possible to obtain custom tables for same-sex unions for smaller level of geographies than provinces and territories. However, it is important to note that data on same-sex couples is not available for geographic areas with 2B population in private households under 5,000."

You can access the tables down to CMA: