Monday, November 19, 2018

Historical Capital Gains Data

I have a researcher who is looking for historical statistics on capital gains reported by individual taxpayers. Table 11-10-0048-01 (formerly CANSIM 111-0042) contains exactly the information needed, but only goes back to 2000:

Is there any way of gaining access to this same data going back to 1972? I have looked in the older print catalogues and cannot find anything similar. We have located capital gains data that was published directly by CRA/Revenue Canada for the period he is looking for, however the method of representing the data is different. Statistics Canada publishes the actual amount of capital gains reported, while CRA figures show the taxable amounts of capital gains after the inclusion rate has been applied.

Here is the response from subject matter:

“Capital Gains only begins with reference year 1998, therefore I enclosed 1998 and 1999, English version.  Please advise if you need these tables in French also.

There is no data prior to 1998.”

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