Thursday, August 30, 2007

2001 Census Agricultural Regions


The 2001 Agricultural Community Profiles state:
"The profiles include agricultural statistics on population and farm operators, land use and land practices, farm finances, crops and horticulture, and livestock for most communities at the geographic level of the census division (CD) and census agricultural region (CAR). "

I would like the data for the CARs for Manitoba but I can't seem to obtain the information.


I spoke with the Agriculture Division and they confirmed that the 2001 Agricultural Community Profiles module will not allow you to look up profiles for census agricultural regions (CARs).

They suggested that you consult the 2001 Farm Data and Farm Operator Data Full Release tables for data on Manitoba CARs. The data tables for this product are available on our website at:

We also have farm data and farm operator data (including CAR level data) in the Census Agricultural 2001 folder on the DLI FTP under
ftp/dli/census/agricultural/2001. You may wish to use these files obtain the CAR level data you need.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Agriculture Statistics for Aboriginal People


A student is interested in knowing farm and farm operator statistics (latest, if possible) for Canada and looking specifically for number of farms owned by aboriginal people; total agricultural land owned by aboriginal farmers (individually or by bands both on- and off- reserve); and the type of crops (most often) grown by aboriginal farmers. Any feedback on from where this information may be available will be appreciated.


I have checked with our Agriculture Division (including their Census of Agriculture section) and they unfortunately don't have the data on Aboriginal farmers that your student is looking for.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Demography Division - Deaths


Does Demography Division ever provide researchers with data estimates prior to the official publication date? A research group here completed their project in March 2007 and would like to complete the analysis [and publish, of course] ASAP. They need estimates of deaths by age and sex [only interested in those over 80 years old] for Quebec through March 2007, or at least a 2006/2007 estimate. At the moment these are only available on CANSIM through January, 2005 or July 2004, depending on the series used.

They would be able to pay for more recent data, if it would be available to them.


I spoke with our Demography Division and they could provide you with monthly total deaths in Quebec up to March 2007 (no breakdown by age and sex). If this is of interest, you could request this data through the Statistics Canada Regional Reference Centre in Montreal at or at 1-800-263-1136. Please note that fees would be associated with this service.

Monthly deaths for Quebec by age and sex up to October 2007 will be available as a custom request on December 20th 2007.

CANSIM table 051-0002 "Deaths, by sex and age group, Canada, provinces and territories, annual (persons)" can give you deaths by age and sex for Quebec for the year 2005/2006 (July 1 to June 30).

Friday, August 24, 2007

Economic Output Figures for Victoria Communities


A graduate student here is looking for economic output figures (something that would be equivalent to the GDP) for five communities in the Victoria area (Colwood, Esquimalt, Langford, Oak Bay, and Central Saanich). Anyone have any ideas on how she can approach this?


According to the Industry Accounts Division, the lowest level of output figures produced are provincial. When asked for ideas on how your student could approach her research question, they said that she might want to consider using Census data (earnings for example) but cautioned that the resulting output comparison would be very very basic.

Your student may want to look at FPmarkets : Canadian Demographics 2007 that gives economic profiles at municipality level. However, there is nothing for the communities for which you are looking data because they are too small (neither at CMA level nor at CA level). However, there are many tables for District Municipalites of Victoria CMA.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Annual Estimates of Employment, Earnings and Hours


A faculty member has inquired as to whether the Annual Estimates of Employment, Earnings and Hours based on NAICS 1991-2006 survey will ever be available for finer geographic levels specifically at the CD or CSD level? Or if it might be available as a custom tabulation request.


The author division has confirmed that the survey from which this product stems only provides data at the national and provincial level. They do not expect to produce data for finer geographical level from this survey nor would this information be available through a custom tabulation.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

University and College Academic Staff System (UCASS)


A researcher is looking at the demographic profile of teaching professionals and I came across University and College Academic Staff System (UCASS) with release date "August 2, 2007 (preliminary)". On the statcan page, it does not really tell from where this data is available - dli or custom made tabulations for fee or if its just released. What are the plans on availability?


The Culture, Tourism and the Centre for Education Statistics Division has provided the DLI with a some education standard tables, some of which appear to be from UCASS (University and College Academic Staff System). The most recent data we currently have in these tables are for 2004-2005. I have contacted the author division to see if more recent versions of these tables or a PUMF are available.

FTP: /usr2/ftp/dli/education
Table 1.1 Number of Full-Time University Teachers by Rank, Sex and Region, Selected years, 1960-1961 to 2004-2005
Table 1.2 Number of Full-Time University Teachers by Rank, Sex and Province, Selected years, 1960-1961 to 2004-2005
Table 2 Number of Full-Time University Teachers by Region, Field, Highest Earned Degree, Staff Functions, Rank, Sex and Median Age, 2004-2005
Table 3 Median Age of Full-Time University Teachers by Region, Field, Highest Earned Degree, Staff Functions, Rank and Sex, 2004-2005
Table 4 Median Age of Full-Time University Teachers by Region, Field, Highest Earned Degree, Staff Functions, Rank and Sex, 2004-2005
Table 5 Number and Median Salaries of Full-Time University Teachers by age, Sex and Field Canada, 2004-2005

According to The Daily and the Online Catalogue, the following publication also appears to have been released based on the 2006-2007 survey:

Data from UCASS also appears to be available (for a fee) as a custom tabulation

Friday, August 17, 2007

Religious & Civil Marriage Statistics by Province


I would like to request availability and contact information please for annual provincial / territorial statistics from 1960 to the most current, for total religious and civil / non-religious marriages.


You may want to look at CANSIM table 101-1013. It seems to have data for # of marriages by province by type of officiant (ex. clergy, non-clergy) for 2000 to 2003. This table unfortunately doesn't go back to the 1960's however. Otherwise, the data might be available from the Health Statistics Division as a custom fee based retrieval.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Road Statistics


A student here is looking for data on the % paved roads, automobile density and mean miles driven annually for:
Quebec City, 1989
City of Edmonton, 1989

Two years ago, Joel Rivard described how to use DMTI data in ArcView to get the road lengths for Ontario; what the student wants is paved roads, and for the above cities. I suspect she'd be happy with even just the overall road length.

Any ideas? I realize getting data for these exact years is likely to be problematic, to say the least, so whatever can be obtained would be appreciated.


I contacted our Geography Division to see if they had the information your student needs and they confirmed that they do not. They did however provide the following suggestions:

"Contact the respective province and their Ministry of Transportation, they should have the percentage of paved roads and arc lengths. We do not collect such attribute information.

GeoBase has a national road network file available for free download (see Natural Resources Canada NRCan website for the link)." I found the following information and link to Geobase on the NRCan website:

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Visits to Primary Care Physicians


A student is looking for "MOST FREQUENT REASONS FOR VISITS TO THE OFFICES OF PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS". He has data from the US, but is looking for data from Canada.

I dug around a bit, and found the Health Services Access Survey (HSAS) (Survey number 5002). CANSIM Table 105-3041 makes use of this survey, but collapses the detail contained in the survey. It appears, as well, that this survey focuses on visits to 'specialists' rather than 'primary care physicians'.

The kinds of 'reasons for visits' the researcher found for the US data include:
(rate per 1000)
general medical examination 83.84
cough 56.16
sore throat 34.80
well baby examination 34.56
follow-up visit 29.69
fever 28.40
earache 21.80
hypertension 21.20
head cold, upper respiratory infection 19.20
skin rash 18.66
nasal congestion 17.78
back pain, ache, discomfort 17.63
blood pressure check 16.63
headache 16.10

I have checked the CCHS, and related surveys, as well as looking at CIHI and CIHR web sites, to no avail. There are a couple of articles in "Health Reports", but these lack the detail of the US data.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Our Special Surveys Division appears to have conducted a survey called the "Canadian Survey of Experiences with Primary Health Care (CSE-PHC)" on behalf of the Health Council of Canada
The content of its questionnaire
leads me to think that it doesn't have the level of detail your student requires. It is has been released as a master file through the Research Data Centres, but a PUMF will not be released.