Friday, November 30, 2018

Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs

I  got the following question from a student –

I was looking for confirmation that the tuition costs in Table 8E - "Tuition Fees for Canadian Students, 1972-2016" were per semester, but I couldn't confirm that in the metadata provided in the excel file, or elsewhere on the Revised Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs webpage. Do you know if I am correct in my assumption?

Connected to that point, I believe that the Graduate tuition is per semester, but averaged over 2 semesters rather than 3. This seems to be a common practice, but again I could not confirm this anywhere.

I found the Respondent Guide which states that tuition is reported by semester and then multiplied by 2 to calculate tuition for the academic year (8 months). So does that mean that the amount reported in the table is for the academic year? 

I was not able to find anything about the second question – graduate tuition being per semester and averaged over 2 semesters rather than 3. Is there any information about this?

Here is the response from subject matter:

“Table entries for tuition are for a full academic year (8 months) regardless of student status.  In the Respondents Guide, tuition is defined as “Tuition that is charged to a full-time student (with a full load of 30 credits per year.”  However, in order to allow for varying situations, on the questionnaire tuition amounts can be entered as per Academic year (8 months), Semester (4 months), Per credit, or Other.”