Friday, November 21, 2008

TLAC Preliminary Tables


As I have a user (a library administrator) anxiously waiting for the TLAC 2008-2009 file to be available through DLI, I just had a quick look at the FTP site to see if something had been posted. The tuition-data(tlac).zip file was apparently updated on November 14 so I looked at the content and saw that a new file appeared which is called: tlac-fssuc tables-tableaux 1 to-à 6 - 2008-2009 prelim.xls (created or last modified also on November 14)

So I figured this would present preliminary data for the tables 1 to 6. Is that correct?

In any case I tried to open the file but it appears to be corrupted, it cannot be properly unzipped.


Yes - the data for 2008-2009 that you found is the preliminary data. We are supposed to be getting some additional preliminary files this week so we were going to announce them once we had all the files. You are welcome to use the preliminary data that is there now. Our team fixed them so you should be able to unzip them now. Please try again and let me know if they are still corrupted.

FYI - I just received the additional TLAC preliminary files for 2008-09. I will have our team post them right away and will announce them shortly.

Follow-Up Question
Can you tell me what difference there is between the preliminary files and the final ones? But maybe this explanation will be part of your official announcement later on, in which case ignore this question.

By the way, the files are fine now; I was able to unzip them without a hitch.

Do these files include Table 7?

Follow-up Answer
1) It does (or rather did) include Table 7, but I just received an email from the author division asking me to remove these files from our site because they have found errors in them.

So, I will be sending out an announcement to that effect in a few moments.

2)The author division has explained that the TLAC preliminary tables include some estimates, whereas the final tables do not. Here is the full explanation provided by the division:

"On the questionnaire, under General Instruction, the first instruction is:

Whenever possible, final fees and living accommodation costs should be reported. If they have not yet been determined your best estimate should be reported. Place an "e" after each estimated figure on the questionnaire.

This means for 2008-2009 the data includes final and estimated fees. For 2007-2008 it is all final data since in the questionnaire it was asked to report the actual fees for the previous year. This is the explanation of why for 2007-2008 we have final tables while it is preliminary for 2008-2009. After next year's survey, 2008-2009 tables will be final and 2009-2010 will be preliminary."

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