Friday, November 21, 2008

Agriculture-Population Linkage Database Access

1) Does the DLI community have access to the Agriculture-Population Linkage Database as described at:

How about through the RDC's?

2) My student really needs access to the raw data, the published tables are not adequate for her research on "farm women" -
different from female farm operators.


1) Data from the 2001 Agriculture-Population Linkage Database are available for free on the Statistics Canada website:

The data found at the above-mentioned link are the only data mentioned in the Daily release for this product: However, I will check with Census Division to see if any additional data could be obtained through custom tabulations or other means and keep you posted.

2) Our Agriculture consultant confirmed that 2001 Agriculture-Population Linkage data are only available (1) via the web at the link already provided below, or (2) via custom tabulations.

He also mentioned that 2006 Agriculture-Population Linkage data will be available on the Statistics Canada website on December 2, 2008.

Please let me know if your student is interested in a custom tabulation.

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