Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2006 Census of Agriculture


A researcher at York has asked whether it is possible to find the total hectares and types of production systems for farms in Toronto, separate from the CCS of Vaughan, Ontario.

Is it possible to get this kind of detail, for free or for fee?


I suspect you may have used the Agricultural Community Profiles to find this data. Have you also looked at the Land Use data tables on the web at: ?

Excel tables from the Census of Agriculture are also available on our FTP

TABLE: ceag_farm_data-reag_donnees_sur_les_exploitations.csv

The Reference Documents that will allow you to decipher these tables are available in the following directory:


For example, in the reference document
"2006_ceag_farm_data-variable_descriptionv2.xls", you will notice variables
such as the following:

VAL_AOWNED NUMBER Total area owned - Acres Acres

In the 2006_ceag_geography.xls document, you will be able to identify whether the CCS of interest are available in the actual table.

Follow-up Question

Thank you for all of your suggestions.  Unfortunately, the data in both the Agricultural Community Profiles and Excel tables from the ftp site only refers to the CCS of Vaughan, Ontario.  My user would like data for
Toronto, which has been amalgamated into this CCS.  Is this data available, either for free or fee?

Follow-up Answer

Agriculture Division confirmed that data for Toronto would be available through a custom request:

"The cost is $580 plus taxes for the following:
All farm and operator data for Toronto Division, 2006 Census"

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