Monday, November 24, 2008

LFS and Immigrants

A question from a user:

"In 2006, the LFS started collecting information on immigrants. This information is not available through the DLI file. Are there any plans to include the 5 questions on immigrants in the PUMF? As the LFS is not available in RDCs, is data only available through existing publications and custom tabulations?"

I have informed her that in fact the LFS microdata _are_ available in the RDCs. But what about the answer to the question about the availability of these variables in the LFS pumf?

Our LFS consultant said that they are planning to add more variables and geography (i.e. CMAs) to the LFS PUMFs. Pending approval, they hope to add these sometime in 2009-2010. This is consistent with information provided to us at the April 2008 EAC meeting.

Follow-up Question
Will the geography include CAs as well as CMAs?

Follow-up Answer
The LFS consultant has confirmed that they only provinces and selected CMA's will be made available.

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