Friday, November 21, 2008

CANSIM Table 180-0003


I have a question regarding CANSIM TABLE 180-0003 (Financial and taxation statistics for enterprises, by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), annual …. ). This table presents information aggregated for all of CANADA. A researcher is inquiring whether the information on CANSIM Table 180-0003, is also available, via the DLI, (or elsewhere), for individual provinces.

(I did take a look at the CDROM Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business, and to the extent I was able to understand what was being presented, it seems this product presents ratios, not amounts. Volume 3, presents provincial level information, but seemingly only for small corporations. So I am assuming this DCL CDROM is not likely to be a source of the required information? )

Sorry our provincial data is not available on the Statistics Canada website. This data is not readily available so programs must be run in order to compile the data. For this reason, the data is compiled under a cost recovery program. If you would like further information on our cost recovery program and what might be available for purchase, please reply by return email.

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