Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Messengers in Toronto - Info needed


I have a faculty member looking for the languages spoken (preferred) or ethnicity of messengers working in the City of Toronto (or even CMA)

I think the census is going to be the only resource that has this The relevant NAICS is 49221 or 492210 and the relevant NOC-S is B563.

Census 2006 tables that go to the level of detail for NAICS and NOC-S do not have detailed data on language or ethnicity.

I wonder if Census could supply this info or if not whether it would be possible to get a custom tab?

Thanks for any help and suggestions of other sources.


Our Census Consultant has confirmed that this would be a custom tabulation - specifically either Industry or Occupation codes crossed by the pertinent language or ethnic origin variable. However, the noted the following:

"the counts I see for NAICS and NOC-S are at the CMA level, and a custom consultant may indicate that the counts are not sufficient enough to produce any valid information for any detailed crossing of the variable."

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