Friday, November 28, 2008

Need Aboriginal Population Profile From 1991 and 1996


Is it possible to obtain the Aboriginal Population Profile for Canada, Provinces and Territories, Census Divisions and Census Subdivisions for both the 1996 and 1991 Censuses?

We were successful with this same request sometime ago when we were needing the 2001 data and are keeping our fingers crossed about this request.


According to my Census consultant, for the 1991 and 1996 censuses there no "cumulative profiles" as there are now for the aboriginal population. However, she has suggested the following print and CD-ROM products instead:

94-325 Profile of Canada's Aboriginal Population
This publication presents a statistical overview of each Aboriginal group in comparison with the non-Aboriginal population. A wide range of demographic and socio-economic variables is displayed by individual entries and grouped under six main headings. This publication also provides a profile of
demographic and socio-economic characteristics for the population with Aboriginal origins and/or Indian Registration, for Canada, provinces and territories. It is based on 20% sample data collected by the 1991 Census of Canada.

94-326 Canada's Aboriginal Population by Census Subdivision
This publication gives the population of each Aboriginal group by registration and band membership status.

94-327 Aboriginal Data - Age and Sex
This publication provides age and sex distributions for the 1991 population reporting Aboriginal origin, and the 1991 population identifying with their Aboriginal origins and/or who are registered under the Indian Act, for Canada, the provinces and territories, and selected census metropolitan areas. The data presented in this publication are taken from two sources: the 1991 Census and the 1991 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS).

These products were only available in print format and should be available in your library.

However, for 1996 there was a CD-ROM product:

94F0011XCB1996000 Portrait of Aboriginal Population in Canada, 1996 Census (20% Sample Data)
This CD-ROM provides a portrait of aboriginal population in Canada. This product is part of the Dimensions Series which provides census statistical information on topics of public interest.

It is available from the DLI FTP site:

For data at lower levels of geography you will need to investigate the Basic Summary Tabulations for those years or you may need to consider a semi-custom or custom tabulation. If you want to pursue the latter option, please let me know.

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