Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Survey of Innovation 2005 and Biotechnology Use and Development Survey 2007


Will there be a PUMF for the 2005 Survey of Innovation, as there were for 1999 and 2003? In addition, will there be a PUMF for the 2007 Biotechnology Use and Development Survey?

I noticed that all related CANSIM tables for these surveys have been terminated (with statistics up to 2005). Are there plans for any new/ongoing CANSIM tables for these two surveys?


I received the following response from the author division of both surveys (Please note that the IMDB section the Statistics Canada website incorrectly provides a link to a "PUMF" for the 1999 and 2003 Survey of Innovation. However, there is no PUMF and the link actually takes you to Excel data tables. I will ask my contact at the IMDB to correct that as soon as possible):

"We do not have a PUMF for the Survey of Innovation 2005 nor have we ever had a PUMF for the Survey of Innovation 1999 or 2003. What we do have is a researcher database that is accessible through the facilitated access program.

Our surveys are occasional. When CANSIM indicates that a series has been terminated what this means is that we will not be producing a time series of data. For example, we will not re-run the Survey of Innovation 2005 to update the data. We are in the planning stages for a 2008 Survey of Innovation. Some of the questions may be the same as they were in 2005 but many will be different. As well, the sample unit will be different. So in answer to the question there will be no more CANSIM tables for the Survey of Innovation 2005.

With respect to the Biotech Survey Program - at present there is no funding for a survey for 2007 and therefore no plans for any data. We continue to speak to interested parties, but it appears they are either not able or willing to provide the funds necessary to maintain this survey. This could change at any point, but it appears less likely as time passes. Obviously if there is no survey, there will be no updates to the CANSIM tables.

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a PUMF for Biotech. The population is very small and there are quantitative variables which are sensitive. The data can only be accessed through the Facilitated Access Research Program run by the division. This program is limited to accredited researchers (PhDs
at Canadian universities or government departments) with an approved econometric research project and security clearance."

I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you need any further clarification.

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