Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NGS (National Graduates Survey)/FOG PUMFs


Could we get an update on when/if a pumf is likely, please? Researchers are starting to see publications based on the RDC data, and want to be able to verify/expand these analyses, but can't, which is frustrating for both the researchers as well as us. If they can't verify the results, they often won't quote them or use them in teaching either, which sort of defeats the purpose of doing the surveys in the first place.

And no, a couple of excel tables of aggregate stats from the 2005 FOG is not a sufficient sop.


The latest information we have about the availability of pumfs from either the NGS 2000 or FOG 2005 is:

"pumf in March 2004 (dlilist 2003/02/03);"
"availability of a public use microdata file uncertain, maybe by spring
2006 (dlilist 2005/09/19);"
"April 2006 (dlilist 2006/01/19);"
"Production of a pumf currently on hold due to workload (dlilist
2006/07/12); "

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