Monday, November 24, 2008

Canadian Travel Survey - updates?

I was wondering whether there is or will be an update to the CTS? We only have till 2004 - but it looks like 2006 is the most recent release?

In early 2005, the Canadian Travel Survey (CTS) was replaced by the Travel Survey of Residents of Canada (TSRC):

Q1. The online catalogue does refer to a 2006 PUMF for the CTS. I will contact the author division to see if this is incorrect.

Q2. In either case, I will ask them to send us an updated PUMF for either the CTS or the TSRC and I will keep you posted.

Answer to:

Q1 It is a mistake. They should take off this link.
Q2 We will prepare a 2006 CD-Rom this fall for DLI.

Follow-Up Question
Thanks for the info - I'm assuming that 2005 will be included as well?
The first PUMF for TSRC is 2006.
(This will be sent to DLI sometime in Nov.)

No public microdata files is foreseen for TSRC 2005

However, the 2007 microdata files will be ready before the end of 2008.

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