Thursday, February 12, 2015

PCCF+ Guide and Video Tutorial

I have put together a guide and accompanying video showing one approach to using PCCF+ Version 6A1. The video can be found on YouTube at:


The guide is on our ‘How-to Guides’ page at: <>

While there are several ways of approaching the PCCF+, the video and guide propose a two-step process as follows:

1. Getting Postal Codes into SAS dataset format, so the PCCF+ program can read them.

2. Running the PCCF+ program to match your Postal Codes to Census geography.

On the Queen’s Data Services ‘How-to Guides’ page (, I have put links to a guide, this video, and a sample SAS program (that you would use to bring a text file containing Postal Codes into SAS).

Within the PCCF+ zipped package from DLI, Statistics Canada provides sample PCCF+ SAS programs to do the subsequent matching.

Your comments/suggestions to improve the guide/video are welcome.