Friday, February 13, 2015

CANSIM for Teaching in 2015


Do we have an approximate date when CANSIM will no longer be accessible? Further to this, may I please ask what we should do when teaching on CANSIM? Should I mention the upcoming changes?


The goal of the new website is to make sure that Statistics Canada products are user friendly and easy to find on the agency's website. The tables in CANSIM are not disappearing essentially, they are being served up a new and more user friendly way.

As noted in the official Daily announcement the launch of Statistics Canada's new website is slated for fall 2015. Nothing more specific at this time.

CANSIM tables have been replaced by data tables with the same or similar content that have a consistent presentation and will in the future be dynamically updated upon the release of new results. The beta site allows users to find a former CANSIM table number using the “Filter by keyword” search in order to access the corresponding data table. However, the beta site may not still be available: <>

More info:

As part of a multi-year project to develop a new dissemination model, the agency is inviting users to visit its beta site and provide feedback. The information obtained will be used to develop a more dynamic online presence that is easier to navigate and makes information more readily accessible to a wide range of data users.<>