Monday, February 23, 2015

Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business

Statistics Canada is no longer producing the Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Businesses [catalogues 61-224 and 61C0030]. This decision came as the result of a thorough review of the Agency’s activities to manage its resources while maintaining a balanced national statistical program that accurately measures the economy and society.

The Agency continues to provide high-quality and reliable information on Canadian businesses through alternative data sources. Information on specific financial ratios will continue to be available through the annual Financial and Taxation Statistics for Enterprises program: CANSIM table 180-0003 <>; the Quarterly Survey of Financial Statements: CANSIM tables 187-0001 <> and 187-0002 <>; and the Small Business Profiles, which present financial data for small businesses in Canada, available on Industry Canada’s website: Financial Performance Data <>.