Monday, February 16, 2015

Canadian Business Patterns, Dec 2014

Canadian business patterns data are now available for December 2014.
Canadian business patterns data provide counts of active locations by industry classification and employment size categories for Canada and the provinces/territories. Data are compiled from the Business Register, which is a repository of information on the Canadian business population.

Nationally, there were 1,244,694 active locations with employees, and 2,516,161 active locations without employees with a business revenue greater than $30,000 on the Business Register in December.

Note to readers:

With the December 2014 issue, Canadian business patterns have undergone three major changes.

1. The data appear in two separate series, one covering locations with employees, the other covering locations without employees. The second series corresponds to locations previously coded to the employment category called "indeterminate."

2. A new North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) category has been added to include locations that have not yet received a NAICS code: unclassified. It represents an additional 78,718 locations with employees and 313,107 locations without employees.

3. The second series, locations without employees, also includes locations that were not previously included in tables but that meet the criteria used to define the Business Register coverage. The impact of the change will be the inclusion of approximately 600,000 additional locations.

Changes in methodology or in business industrial classification strategies used by Statistics Canada's Business Register can create increases or decreases in the number of active businesses reported in the data on Canadian business patterns. As a result, these data do not represent changes in the business population over time. Statistics Canada recommends users not to use these data as a time series.

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