Friday, February 27, 2015

1921 Census Population of Prince George

I have a student who would like the population of Prince George from the 1921 Census by racial origin (he didn't say, but country of birth might also work). I found Table 28 in Vol. 1 of the 1921 census publication, which is "Population of cities and towns of 2,500 and over, classified according to racial origin, 1921". Unfortunately, the population of Prince George in 1921 was 2,053. So, I'm assuming this student is out of luck?

I've suggested that he could use the advanced search to search the 1921 census at <>, but I'm not sure how practical or useful this will be for him.


The StatCan library verified tables in the census pubs, and they confirm that they assume as well that this information for Prince George is unavailable in the pubs.

The microdata for the 1921 census seems to be available in the RDCs. Dataset available:

I noted the following on the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure site:
Accessing and Using

As of the release date of the 1921 CCRI microdata, users may access the database in one of the Statistics Canada Research Data Centres (RDCs) located on certain university campuses throughout Canada. The RDCs provide researchers with access to the CCRI database in a secure setting under the provisions of the Statistics Act and in accordance with the confidentiality rules that apply. The centres are staffed by Statistics Canada personnel.

The microdata captured by the CCRI data entry centres was stored in a central CCRI DB2 database for cleaning and coding tasks. Once these processes were complete, it was necessary to extract a subset of the data from the central database for use in the RDCs according to the applicable Statistics Canada rules and regulations. The extract is a CSV formatted file designed to be imported into SPSS, SAS or Stata programs at the RDCs. A separate extract file was created for each of the census years from 1911 through 1951. Each extract file contains the coded micro data for the individuals that were captured for the corresponding census. These files are described in more detail in the Data Extract section.

Note: that the RDC houses the data for the census enumerations of 1921 to 1951. The census of 1911 is public. <>