Thursday, February 26, 2015

Canada Federal Election 1921


I've been asked to find election results for the 1921 election and I was successful.

I have found the results for the specific riding as requested, but the patron wants to have a finer level of granularity, i.e., he would like to get results from three of the polling stations within the riding.

Is there any way to locate this information?

You can find Polling Division results for the 1921 General Election in the Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada. The 1921 Election results are in Volume 5 of the 1922 set, which can be found on the Internet Archive. The years 1901 to 1925 are listed year and volume at URL: <>.

The direct link to the Quebec section of the 1921 Election report (page 186) is:<>

If you have any way to access a local historical newspaper for the riding in question, that may be your best bet. As just one example: < /collection/enderby/date/1921-12-08/query/election+results/mode/any/in/all/result/1#1! election+results>.

Please see linked the Library of Parliament’s database History of Federal Electoral Ridings (HFER). <>.

We are able to provide the total of votes cast for each candidate by riding, but the data by riding does not further subdivide. The results of the 1921 Election which formed the 14th Parliament are detailed here:< History/hfer.asp?Language=E&Search=Gres&genElection=14&ridProvince=0&submit1 =Search>.

Re. Information Management at Elections Canada: the material returned to EC from each riding is protected and governed by a retention period. My contact there did not think that the kind of data in question from the 1921 general election would be available, but if it is available, Library and Archives would have it – EC transfers content to LAC at the end of their retention period. So indeed – they are your next stop.