Friday, October 2, 2009

Licensing question: sharing report based upon DLI data with company


Some student assignments in our Business School involve developing marketing (or other) plans for actual companies and organizations, in order to give students real-world experience. These reports are often shared with the organization at the end of the project. Instructors have asked whether students can use DLI resources in their assignments, if the results are going to be shared with a company. This is a different scenario than the one in the list of licensing examples ("Students doing an independent study for a professor, a business proposal, which might then be used to start a Centre within the university") which was approved, since the end user will be a profit-making enterprise. [Note: the data is not being shared, but rather the conclusions based upon the data obtained through the DLI.]

I suspect that the answer is no but thought I should check.


Since these projects are assignments that are required for a course, they can use the DLI data to prepare their assignment and share the plan or analysis with companies and organizations. They cannot share the data but the analysis and/or plans can be shared with anyone.

Hope this helps.

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