Monday, October 5, 2009

Occupation Question (female artists)


A Researcher would like to know the number of women artists, between the ages of 55 -65, who live alone.

I have found the following 2006 Topic Based Tabulation will give me the number of female “Painters, sculptors and other visual artists” within the desired age range:

9 - Occupation - National Occupational Classification for Statistics 2006 (720C), Sex (3) and Selected Demographic, Cultural, Labour Force, Educational and Income Characteristics (273) for the Population 15 Years and Over

Is there any way to get the number of these females who also live alone?


This information would be available as a custom table (for a fee). I would be pleased to refer you to an Account-Executive in our Vancouver office if this is of interest to the researcher. The Account-Executive would be in a position to provide a cost estimate.

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