Friday, October 2, 2009

Real estate property database


I have a question from a research about an accessible real estate property database that he thinks exist for Canada.  I have found something similar for regions of the United States but not for Canada.  Any suggestions?

It may be the Canadian Real Estate Association[CREA] databases hosted by the Conference Board of Canada.

Here are descriptions found at:

Starting at $365 per year for a single user.
Canadian Real Estate Association’s MLS database and reports, which contain nearly 3,000 residential housing market time series, are reliable indicators of resale housing market activity across Canada (updated monthly).

$5875 per year
Canadian Real Estate Association’s MLS database contains 450,000 residential housing market time series at the neighbourhood level for 16 key regional markets across Canada (updated monthly).

Starting at $3.08 per series - volume discounts are also available
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s database contains more than 4,000 time series on the Canadian housing market, such as average rents, completions by dwelling type, mortgage loan approvals (updated immediately upon release).

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