Monday, October 5, 2009

Kidney Diseases

I received the following question off-list and am sharing it as it may be of interest to others.


"I have an upper undergrad looking for statistics on kidney diseases and/or hemodialysis on the provincial level. Have searched CANSIM and found Table 102-0563 Leading Causes of Death (prov), Table 102-0534 Diseases of the Genitourinary System (at Canada level), as well as tables for primary sites of cancer, including kidney. (CIHI has some info). Is there somewhere else I should look?"


"You seem to have found most of the products we have on this topic.
You can locate a few more CANSIM tables that have statistics on kidney related cancer/diseases or deaths by running a search for "kidney" in CANSIM (use the search box in the middle of the screen): .

Some of our older National Population Health Survey (NPHS) public use microdata files seem to have a province of residence variable and variables dealing with kidney disease or cancer. You student may want to have a look at these if he/she wishes to work with microdata. For example:

National Population Health Survey, 1998-1999: Household Component - Health file

FH_8_16H Mother's type of cancer - kidney
FH_8_26D Father's type of cancer - kidney
FH_8_36H Sister's type of cancer - kidney
FH_8_38D Brother's type of cancer - kidney

National Population Health Survey, 1996-1997: Health Institutions Component file
CCI6_1Q Suffers from kidney failure or disease

National Population Health Survey, 1994-1995: Health Institutions Component file:
CHRQ44_P Kidney failure, disease diagnosed by health professional

(The more recent NPHS synthetic files in our collection may have similar variables but the student couldn't use the data they contain for analysis and would need to have the data extracted through our Health Statistics Division by remote job submission. The synthetic NPHS files in our collection could only be used by the student to run and test the programs that would be run in Ottawa by the author division.)

As you have noted, CIHI has quite a few recent provincial-level statistics on kidney related diseases on their website (

The Canadian Health Measures Survey ( seems to include at least one question on kidney diseases (OHR_Q23 Do you have kidney disease that requires dialysis?) but this data doesn't appear to have been released at this time."

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