Monday, October 5, 2009

Young Offender Statistics from 1984 to 1991


I was able to download young offender statistics from the ftp for the years1991 to 2007. I'm looking for any young offender statistics from 1984 to1991 (even if they are not comparable to the 1991 to 2007 young offender statistics). Specifically I'm looking for sentencing patterns, gender/age distribution, comparison of violent crime. Basically anything that shows how the administration has dealt with young offenders.

If you have any information, please let me know.


The following CANSIM tables may be of interest. You can download them for free through E-STAT (

• Homicide survey, victims and persons accused of homicide, by age group and sex, Canada, annual (number), 1974 to 2007 (CANSIM Table 253-0003)

• Adult and youth charged, by detailed offences, annual (number), 1977 to 2008 (CANSIM Table 252-0014)

The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics tells me that more young offender statistics would be available for a fee as a custom extraction. I will be happy to refer you to an Account-Executive if you would like to discuss the production of specific tables. The Account-Executive could also provide cost estimates for the tables.

Historical statistics will also be available in print publications such as the ones listed below. The researcher or student should be able to order these through inter-library loan or consult them on site in a local library if they aren't in your collection.

Print publications (a few examples):

Youth court statistics, preliminary tables ... / prepared by Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics = Statistiques sur les tribunaux de la jeunesse, tableaux préliminaires ... / Centre canadien de la statistique juridique
85-522 1984/85; 85-522 1985/86; 85-522 1986/87; 85-522 1987/88; 85-522 1988/89; 85-522 1989/90; 85-522 1990/91

The Young offender in Canada, a statistical profile for ..., preliminary data = Le jeune contrevenant au Canada, un profil statistique pour l'année ..., données préliminaires.
STC2241 1984/85; STC2241 1985/86 ; STC2241 1986/87; STC2241 1987/88; STC2241 1988/89

Violent offence cases heard in youth courts, 1990-91 / Jeffrey Frank.
Juristat. Vol. 11, no. 16. 0715-271X (85-002-XPE)

Sentencing in youth courts, 1984-85 to 1988-89.
Juristat. Vol. 10, no. 1. 0715-271X (85-002-XPE)

Violent offences by young offenders, 1986-87 to 1988-89
Juristat. Vol. 10, no. 5. 0715-271X (85-002-XPE)

Youth crime in Canada, 1986-1988.
Juristat. Vol. 10, no. 12. 0715-271X (85-002-XPE)

Decisions and dispositions in youth court, 1986/87 to 1989/90.
Juristat. Vol. 10, no. 19. 0715-271X (85-002-XPE)

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