Friday, October 2, 2009

2006 Census at block level


A researcher requires Census data at the Block level. In addition to population and dwelling counts, he would like sex and age data, by block, and other information about the buildings.  The researcher has identified the set of Victoria CT's and DA of interest.

"Here is the data request, in the researcher's own words:

I have developed a “wish list” of spatial data for the segment of downtown Victoria shown on that map. The attributes of these data are detailed below, and I would like to know whether the McPherson Library via, the DLI, could supply some or all of them. I would require them in an ArcGIS useable form.

The attributes of interest within the study area are:

a. Per city block - Total population, within age, sex (and SES, if possible)

b. Regarding properties
- Legal/street address
- Mailing Address Postal Code ¨C not really necessary, but perhaps useful
- Zoning
- City block reference lines

c. Per building:
- Construction completion date
- # Dwelling Units
- Footprint area
- Height
- # of stories"

This is what I think I understand so far:
-block level pop and dwelling counts (but not age & sex) are available in the Geographic Attribute File and in GeoSuite
-for all other census characteristics (includig age and sex), the lowest level of geography available to the DLI is the Dissemination Area.
-census boundary files are available for dissemination blocks

Please advise me how best to direct the researcher.


You are absolutely right in what can be obtained at block level and what can be obtained at DA level. He may be able to get the number of dwelling by type of dwellings at the DA level but because of rounding and suppression, the information may, in some cases, not be what the researcher expects.

There is also a variable that indicates the structural type of dwelling (see the period of construction, and other characteristics (see but this is it.

Hope this helps

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