Friday, October 2, 2009

GSS Data


I have a faculty member who is looking for some data from the GSS.

1) Update from a recent General Social Survey: In 1995, General Social Survey : 73% of women and 68% of men agreed both spouses should contribute to household income.  Need more up to date information..

2) Update from a recent General Social Survey: In 1995, 59 % of men and 67% of women said a preschool child was likely to suffer if both parent were employed. Again, need more current information.

I’ve tried looking but does a more recent General Social Survey have any responses along these lines. If not exactly, close?


Those questions for Cycle 10 were both dropped for Cycle 15 (see Appendix L of the Cycle 15 User Guide for a comparison between Cycle 10 and 15 questions).

I looked in the User's Guides/Questionnaires for both Cycles 15 and 20 and didn't see anything equivalent.  The closest I found were:

DRW_Q113 (Cycle 20) - "Some parents stay at home with their children while others return to work.  Why didn't you return to work?  Was it wanted to raise your child yourself?"

NLW_Q115 (Cycle 20) - "There can be many reasons why people do not take leave after the birth/adoption of a child.  Why did you not take any time off?  Was it did not want to compromise your career?"

VA_Q070 (Cycle 15) - "In order for YOU to be happy in life, is it very important, important, not very important or not at all important to be able to take a paying job either outside or inside the home?"

Sorry I couldn't be of any further assistance.

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