Monday, March 20, 2017

Education Statistics

I have a graduate student looking for statistics on ethnicity/immigrant status/visible minority students in the k-12 sector – preferably elementary/secondary school students in Saskatchewan. The student is also interested in ethnic background/immigrant status breakdown for university students in Saskatchewan.

I’ve been able to find a handful of PSIS/ESIS tables on CANSIM now that it’s sort of functioning, but I expect she’s going to want more detail than these provide.

I’ve contacted the province’s Ministry of Education and several of the nearby school divisions to see if they collect such information, but have yet to get a response. Any other places I might look?

would think that she should be able to do this with the 2011 NHS PUMF? Depends on whether she needs more than “Regina-Saskatoon” vs “rest of province”, probably. If she needs more geographic detail, she could work with the master file in a RDC – I think it goes down to CSD/CT? Failing that, the 2016 PUMF is due out 2019 L

Answer 2
“Unfortunately, regarding the students in elementary/secondary school the Elementary-Secondary Education Survey (ESES) does not collect any data on ethnicity/immigrant status/visible minority. However regarding university students Postsecondary Student Information System (PSIS) collects data regarding the immigration status and Country of Citizenship (Country, Region and continent).

Immigration status categories
Permanent resident, formerly called landed immigrant
Student Visa: a permit obtained by a student to enter Canada for the sole purpose of attending an educational postsecondary institution
Other visa, including students who are in Canada on diplomatic, trade or other missions
Non-Canadian, status unknown (refugees and other foreign students in Canada whose status is unknown)
Non-Canadian, no visa status as student is studying outside Canada; e.g., by Internet
Not reported
Canadian students
International Students
TOTAL: Immigration Status of Student Level 03

Please find below two CANSIM table which contains the country of citizenship.
477-0031  Postsecondary enrolments, by student status, country of citizenship and sex
1999/2000 – 2014/2015
477-0032 Postsecondary graduates, by student status, country of citizenship and sex
1999 – 2014

If the client is interested in a more details tables, we can produce a custom table at a cost.”