Friday, March 3, 2017

Down Syndrome Statistics

I’m trying to find information about the prevalence of Downs Syndrome, average age of mother, pre-natal screening and number terminated in Canada. She’s been able to find American stats and needs Canadian figure for comparison.

I did find the following resource that may be of assistance:
Health at a Glance - Deaths from congenital anomalies in Canada, 1974 to 2012

We have received the following response from subject matter concerning your question.

“We do not have anything except from Vital (Deaths) below:

PHAC and CIHI have a bit of information so that might be the best place to recommend to the client.

CSD may be able to give estimates of people with Downs Syndrome (which is dependent on whether subject matter is able to provide that estimate) but it would not be able to produce the other components.”

Answer 2
CIHI - has number of abortions by age group, but not by reason for the abortion.

Looking at the ICD-10-CA (, there is coding for this … see page 214. However, there is some interesting phrasing in two of the examples – ”A medical abortion was performed and the reason for the medical abortion was documented” – I wonder if that implies that this is not always the case?

The stillborn’s Discharge Database Abstract would record:
Code DAD NACRS Code Title
P96.4 (M) MP Termination of Pregnancy
Q90.9 (3) OP Down’s syndrome, unspecified