Thursday, March 16, 2017

Downloading from EFT during times of strife

QuestionWhat are people doing re: licence when you are downloading data that would normally be freely available through the STC website? Are you just giving it to researchers without having them sign a licence (assuming it's not a PUMF or one of the other files that have its own DLI licence)?

I've got a researcher who wants the TLAC and I think I should just be able to give it to her, right? It feels weird not to have her sign a licence because I'm grabbing the files from the EFT and in the olden' days we used to have users authenticate for everything.

With respect to the TLAC aggregate data, this would fall under the Open data licence agreement. The DLI licence stipulates that:

6. Authorized users shall be made aware, by my educational institution, of the conditions of use of the data by being provided with the appropriate licence as outlined in a, b, c and e below:

a) With a few exceptions, those governed under separate licence agreements as appendices,; the majority of our standard and custom products will be disseminated under the terms and conditions of the Statistics Canada Open Licence Agreement (see: