Thursday, March 9, 2017

CCHS 2015 Nutrition release

I have a researcher wondering about the CCHS 2015 Nutrition study. Will a PUMF be released for this product? If so, when?

Furthermore, the researcher would like to look at the following variables:
I am looking for various factors including family structure ,household size, rent payment as percentage of income, health indicator profile, various demographics variables, income and educational level and the level of household food insecurity with specific emphasis on geographical location(Northern and Southern Ontario) specifically London Ontario and the City of Greater Sudbury.

If a PUMF is being released, would those variables covering those factors appear in it? If not (or if there is no PUMF), should I recommend a custom tab or the 400km trek to the closest RDC?


Here is the response we’ve received from subject matter concerning your request:

“The CCHS- Nutrition is a separate survey from the CCHS 2015-15 Annual survey, and they plan to do a PUMF for nutrition, however they do not have a date for its release possibly early 2018. It is too early for details on what will be included in the PUMF. Please check in later in the year.”

“Usually costing for custom tabs would be available to start following the release of the data. Delivery time would depend on the complexity of the request. No custom tabs are considered or worked on in advance of release day.”

Regarding your question on RDC access, there are various factors involve based on the size of the data files, urgency of the data, documentation, vetting rules availability, translation turnaround time, ….etc. This being said, the average time could be between 2 days to 2 weeks for a survey that has all factors mentioned above. I hope this helps."