Monday, March 27, 2017

Access the Canadian Community Health Survey 2015

An undergraduate student noticed that the 2015 CCHS has been officially released (last Wednesday: Will there be a single-year release of the mental health data, and if so, when should we expect to get it? I see that the 2015-2016 file is due sometime this fall

The Daily notice is not for CCHS mental health but rather the single year component for CCHS Annual.

Here is the response from subject matter:

I presume that you mean CCHS annual because the CCHS Mental health is for 2014 and has a PUMF already [CCHS Mental Health cycle 2012, released April 3, 2014]. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there will probably be the 2 year PUMF only to be released in 2018 (but no date yet). Sorry we cannot be more specific.