Monday, March 13, 2017

2016 Census - Population Question

I’m looking for the population of the Village of New Minas (Nova Scotia) from the 2016 census. I’ve traipsed through every possible avenue I could think of to find this number, but the geography for the 2016 census (at least that I could see) includes every possible iteration of the area, except for the actual village alone.

“The village of New Minas is included in the Population Centre (POPCTR) of Kentville. The Census Subdivision falls under Kings, Subdivision C, and the Census Division is Kings. This is unchanged from 2011.

Without going on a hunt I could not tell you why New Minas falls under Kentville as a POPCTR as they seem to be separate towns. If the client wishes I could try to find that out.

Here is Geosuite highlighting the POPCTR of Kentville which encompasses New Minas, the portion along Highway 101.

The bottom line is they will not be able to find the population of New Minas on its own through standard products.”