Friday, October 31, 2014

The Input-Output tables 2010

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Input-Output Structure of the Canadian Economy in Current Prices

The Input-Output tables are the most comprehensive and detailed statistics on transactions involving production activity and intermediate as well as final consumption of goods and services in the economy.

The input-output accounts of Canada and its provinces and territories are presented in three main data tables (matrices) for each jurisdiction.
These are the output table, input table, and the final demand table. In addition, provinces' and territories' tables are linked together through an interprovincial flows table that shows each jurisdiction's exports to, and imports from, other provinces and territories as well as abroad.

Input-Output tables cover all economic activities conducted in the market economies of each province and territory, encompassing persons, businesses, government and non-government (non-profit) organizations, and entities outside its jurisdiction that give rise to imports or exports (inter provincially or internationally.)

The Input-Output tables represent the most detailed accounting of the Canadian economy available and thus serve as benchmarks to the Canadian System of National Accounts.

National tables are produced on an annual basis (starting with the 1961 reference year) and completed in June each year with a 30 month lag from the reference year. Provincial tables are produced annually (starting with the 1997 reference year) and released together with the national tables in November of each year with a 34 month lag from the reference year.

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