Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mortgage Loan Data (via CANSIM)


I have a researcher looking into mortgage loan rates/housing prices over time. Statistics Canada's CANSIM Table 027-0017 <> "mortgage loan approvals, new residential construction and existing residential properties, monthly" is derived from CMHC data. Both Statistics Canada and CMHC <> indicate the data terminates in 2010/2012. Is there anyone else who may be collecting this information?


The data in CMHC's Mortgage Loan series (ie: CANSIM table 027-0017) have been terminated.The series that split data between National Housing Act (NHA) and Conventional Lenders Survey (CLS) were terminated in September 1999. The data separating NHA and CLS is not available for points after this date.

The Conventional Loan data was obtained from our Conventional Lenders Survey (CLS). Because the CLS was discontinued in Dec 2010 the data in the series that combined NHA and CLS was discontinued. Data points after this date are not available.