Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NHS Cross-Tabulations


I just have a basic question I’d like to get confirmation on. From what I can see, there is currently no possibility of obtaining cross-tabulated data (other than by gender within the Profile) at the census tract level for the 2011 NHS. Am I right?"


The purpose of any profile from the NHS or the Censuses is to provide characteristic data by geography. The data in the NHS (ie. income, immigration, Aboriginal, etc.) is only crossed by Sex to give totals for all population and by Male and Female populations.

In the 2011 NHS the NHS data tables will provide more variables that are cross-tabulated. Unlike the previous releases for the data from the long form Censuses, the 2011 NHS did not have in the standard product line any Data Tables below the census subdivision level of geography. Only the NHS profile is available for CT level data.

There are no plans in the future to release any more standard tables at the CT (or lower) level of geography. Any requests for 2011 NHS data for any product at any geographic level that cannot be found in our standard product line is available as a custom data tabulation through the nearest regional office.